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A warm welcome!


Allow me to share a bit about my journey with you. Originally from Indonesia, I made my way to Perth in the early 2000s. The allure of love led me to my wonderful wife, and we exchanged vows in the enchanting setting of Bali, surrounded by our nearest and dearest. Since then, we’ve embarked on numerous adventures, ticking off items on our bucket list, all while balancing the joyous chaos of raising two beautiful kids.


My passion for photography traces back to my early years, finding its roots in architectural and corporate realms. However, my heart truly found its calling in capturing emotions and preserving memories. From the initial meetings with couples during the wedding planning stages to the culmination of the big day, where everything falls into place and those precious moments unfold—I consider myself incredibly fortunate.


Life unfolds in a series of fleeting moments, often overlooked or forgotten. It’s those subtle instances between the grand milestones that hold the most profound beauty and significance. My mission is to ensure we seize these moments and immortalize them, creating memories that endure.


For me, photography is a narrative—a means of creatively sharing the emotion and essence of a singular moment. I am here to weave your story through my lens, to document those cherished memories and capture the essence of your dream wedding.


Looking forward to embarking on this creative journey together.




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