Perth Wedding Photography

Wedding Timeline Template

6.00-10.00am — Begin hair and makeup

11.00pm – 2.00pm — Most vendors arrive for setup.

3.00pm — If you have decided to have a first look, this is a good time to do it as it will allow ample time for any pre-wedding photos you may also like to have of the two of you and/or the family.

3.30pm — Guests begin to arrive.

4.00pm — The time you may choose to write on your invitation as the official ceremony start time.

4.15pm — Allow yourself an extra 15 minutes to officially begin the ceremony, so the bride can either choose to be fashionably late or to allow for any unforeseen traffic or hold-ups in preparation times.

4.45pm — Ceremony finishes and the photographer might jump in to get a group shot with all of your guests. Family photos will be done straight after the ceremony.

5.00pm – If you didn’t have a first look, you will need some time to get those all-important shots for the photo album.

6.00-6.30pm – Reception starts.

7.30pm — Toasts and/or speeches.

8.30pm – Cut the cake and serve dessert.

9.00-9.30pm—First dance.

9.30pm—General dancing time starts with your DJ or live musicians.

10.00pm — Bouquet toss

10.00-11.00pm — Reception wraps up and the couple will leave if they are having a special send-off.

11.00pm — Guests leave.

11.00-12.00pm – Vendors finish their pack-down and leave.